Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Looking for your next favorite women's polo shirt? Check out this polo guide and find the perfect addition to your classic wardrobe. Short sleeve polo for women are versatile pieces of clothing that provide a simple, yet classic cut and style that is universally known and loved.

The first "polo" or "tennis shirt" was created by René Lacoste, the founder of the very famous Lacoste clothing brand. He felt that traditional tennis attire in the 1920's was much too restricting, uncomfortable and prohibitive of a good tennis match. His first creation, what we now know as a polo shirt, is pretty much the same as it is today - a short-sleeved t-shirt, made of comfortable cotton, a flat collar and a buttoned placket.

The Evolution of the Shirt

While traditional styles of polos have a buttoned placket (just as Mr. Lacoste originally designed), you can also find styles that are even more casual without buttons. I prefer polos traditional - with buttons, but I am seeing more and more untraditional styles that are being designed that are "button free".

The traditional short sleeve polo was also adapted for cooler, New England weather. Long-sleeve polos, are perfect for chilly days out on the golf course or on the tennis court.

While polo shirts were originally designed as golf or tennis shirts, they have become a classic fashion staple and work phenomenally in a "smart casual" wardrobe. I am always searching for new polo shirt designs and have many in all sorts of different colors and stripes. They look great paired with khakis, capris, shorts or even dark-wash jeans. Not to mention, you can also use short sleeve shirts as they were originally attended - playing tennis or golfing. Below you'll find some women's polo shirt ideas!

Finding Feminine Shirts

Polos are uni-sex clothing, however that doesn't mean that you can't find a short sleeve polo that has a more feminine, flattering fit. Some brands that you'll want to look into are Ralph Lauren's "Skinny Polos" or Tommy Hilfigers 'Slim Fit' polos.

While white and black polos are classic, opt for feminine colors such as pinks and purples. You'll be well on your way to finding a fun, vibrant and flirty polo for your wardrobe.

Another way to dress up a basic white polo is to add a stylish scarf or string of pearls. Just don't overdo it! Polos are meant to be simple & classic.